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A website of Izaac Peeters to show off previous work and explains what I do. I hope this website gives a clearer picture of who I am.

Photo of a snowy mountain captured by Izaac Peeters

About me

My daily life starts with reading general global news and keeping up to date with trends in fields interesting to me, such as; travel particular South-east Asia, investing & stock markets, technology developments such as automation, robotics, AI and VR. Sustainability such as recycling, circular business models and clean energy also interest me because of its positive effects on our planet.

Having knowledge of IT systems but always eager to learn more. It was always to my interest to combine some of the above-mentioned fields and come up with a feasibly business plan or join a company with similar future goals.

Curious if we can mean something for each other? Feel free to send me a message.

Hi, my name is Izaac Peeters. A 26 year old from The Netherlands. I have studied System and Network Engineering at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

I have lived in Thailand for around 4 years where I worked for various companies while also maintaining my part time job for a small optician located in The Netherlands.


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Web Development

Removing barriers in order to achieve a better product


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